Tiktok Shop Drop shipping Policy

Tiktok Shop Drop shipping Policy:

Drop shipping:

TikTok Shop controls dropshipping in order to prevent the abuse of services and subsidies. Drop shipping occurs when a seller uses TikTok Shop platform’s shipping subsidies or services to fulfill or ship an order for a sale that did not originally take place on the TikTok Shop platform.

Drop shipping Prohibitions:

The following are non-exhaustive guidelines on dropshipping:
• Sellers must not create a buyer profile and duplicate any alternative platform sale on TikTok Shop. An alternative platform sale refers to a sale made on e-commerce sites, blogshops, etc. other than TikTok Shop.
• Sellers must not place orders on behalf of their customers who do not have TikTok accounts. They must not mail any of the aforementioned purchases to customers’ addresses.
• Sellers are prohibited from sending unsolicited parcels to customers with the payment mode as Cash on Delivery, in hopes that the customer pays for the parcel.
• Sellers are prohibited from requesting offline customers to make purchases from their livestream because sales from livestreams are entitled to free shipping.
• Sellers are prohibited from engaging in any other unlisted behaviors that abuse our platform’s shipping subsidies or services.

Enforcement Actions (Drop shipping):

TikTok Shop reviews all seller’s orders periodically. Sellers who are found to violate these Dropshipping Control Guidelines will have enforcement actions taken against their account in accordance with our TikTok Shop Seller Performance Evaluation Policy (UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines) and Merchant Terms of Service (UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines). Sellers should note that repeated offenses will result in more significant penalties.
Enforcement actions include but are not limited to:
• Formal warning messages.
• Suspension of listing privileges.
• Removal of the fake sales volume and order reviews.
• Recovery of any monetary loss caused by the abuse of any vouchers or subsidies.
• Temporary or permanent withdrawal of seller benefits.
• Temporary or permanent suspension of the seller’s enrollment of Affiliates and other events.
• Temporary or permanent suspension of access to the TikTok Shop.
• Temporarily (up to 90 calendar days) or in serious cases, permanently withholding any sale balance or cancellation of any transactions associated within the seller’s account.
• Cancellation or withdrawal of any promotions or subsidies offered to the seller.
• Deactivation of the seller’s account.
• Commencing legal action against the seller.
• Reporting the seller to the relevant regulatory authorities for prosecution (TikTok Shop reserves the right to provide any necessary information about the seller’s account to regulatory authorities).

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